At Phoenix Cyberknife and Radiation Oncology Center...
Using the latest hardware and software, we treat tumors
with greater precision, more effective doses
and defined efficiency than all other Stereotactic Radiosurgery
Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy (SRS/SBRT) systems.


Establishing a new standard in cancer treatment, Phoenix CyberKnife and Radiation Oncology Center (PCROC), is the first of its kind anywhere in the country. Two of our devices – CyberKnife® VSI™ System and Novalis Trubeam STx with Exac track™ – provide the most powerful Stereotactic Radiosurgery (SRS) Systems available to your patients. Rounding out our offerings is the Multi-source HDR Brachytherapy for specialized high dose delivery and our wide bore 16-slice GE CT.

Find out how partnering with PCROC can make a difference for your patients for your patients.

More treatment choices.
By employing three innovative devices at our state-of-the-art center, our team of highly accomplished radiation oncologists, are able to make the best treatment recommendations for your patients based on unique tumor types, without any compromise since ALL radiation therapy treatment techniques are available.

Providing the optimal treatment plan.
Your patients look to you for the best treatment recommendations for their particular cancer. They want to be treated with the most advanced technology and the highest level of clinical expertise. CyberKnife VSI, Novalis Trubeam STx and HDR Brachytherapy are the cornerstones of our program and allow our team of nationally recognized radiation oncologists design optimal treatment options for your patients.

Capability to treat more patients.
The advancement of these powerful SRS systems allow you to treat a broader range of patients with more complex cases using tailored plans with unparalleled precision, accuracy and speed. Patients and their families benefit with less demanding treatment schedules and procedure durations. We can complete treatments in 5 days or less versus 45 days at other centers.

Treating previously untreatable tumors.
Our devices are safe and effective in the treatment of tumors throughout the body that were once thought to be untreatable. These tumors may be either benign or malignant, and can be tumors that previously could not receive further radiation, (retreatment with radiation therapy). And, treatments can be successful in patients who are not candidates for surgery, as well as for lesions that are not available to open surgical techniques.

Optimal outcomes for your patients.
With CyberKnife VSI, Novalis Trubeam STx, and HDR Brachytherapy available at one center, and managed by an experienced team of nationally recognized radiation oncologists, your patients have new options, choices and hope. By partnering with PCROC, referring physicians can count on the highest level of radiation therapy treatments to be integrated in a multi-disciplinary approach that provides for the best possible patient outcomes.

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For Referring Physicians

Essential elements of a partnership
At Phoenix CyberKnife and Radiation Oncology Center (PCROC), our nationally recognized and board certified radiation oncologists from ROCA partner with their referring physicians, from oncologists to surgeons, in making medical decisions. Our radiation oncologists are available to consult with treating physicians by phone, webinar or email about treatment options. Contact us at 602-441-3845 or to schedule a tour or demonstration of the CyberKnife VSI, Novalis Trubeam STx and Multi-source HDR Brachytherapy, with GE large bore 16-slice CT.

What you can expect
From your offices, surgeons and referring physicians can use our remote treatment planning to contour tumors, evaluate treatment plans and contribute to the care of their patients during the SRS/SBRT process.

We take all insurances
FDA approved and reimbursable by Medicare and insurance carriers, the care and treatment provided by PCROC is accessible to your patients. Our office staff is equipped to provide guidance regarding insurance and patient care.


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