Features of robotic radiosurgery combined. The CyberKnife VSI System provides the most comprehensive set of radiosurgery features available.

When combined, these features all which are required for accurate robotic radiosurgery treatments, allow for:
•   High conformality
•   Steep dose gradient
•   Non-coplanar treatment delivery
•   Fully-adaptive intra-fraction motion compensation

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CyberKnife VSI is a first line treatment.
Relying on accuracy, power and flexibility, this system treats both malignant and benign tumors, not only in the cranium but anywhere in the body - all without the use of a stereotactic frame or requiring gating of the radiation beam to maintain position.

Tumor sites treated throughout the body:

•   Head & Neck
•   Brain
•   Spine
•   Lung
•   Pancreas
•   Kidney
•   Liver
•   Prostate

The best treatment plan for each patient.
Equipped with a comprehensive set of tools to manage every aspect of patient care, from pre-planning to post-delivery, treatments of exceptional quality can now be designed and optimized to fit every patient's unique needs. There is no need to compromise accuracy, treatment times or surrounding critical structures.

CyberKnife VSI provides solutions for difficult cases.
CyberKnife VSI System leverages Robotic IMRT™ to deliver high precision radiation making it an ideal solution for radiosurgery treat¬ments anywhere in the body. By making the use of any fractionation scheme convenient and routine, clinicians are now free to select the treatment type that is optimal for the patient without constraints of standard radiation therapy.

Respiratory solutions.
Managing respiratory motion presents one of the most significant challenges in the delivery of radiation treatment. The CyberKnife VSI System intelligently tracks respiratory motion in real-time and automatically adapts to changes in the patient's breathing pattern. Since the radiation beam moves with the motion of the tumor throughout the respiratory cycle, there is no need for special patient coaching or special breathing apparatus – the patient is allowed to breathe freely.

Prostate solutions.
Safely and accurately delivering radiation to the prostate presents a challenge for any external beam radiation delivery system. The CyberKnife VSI System combines continual image guidance to automatically adapt treatment delivery for target motion in real-time. By supporting a full spectrum of fractionation schemes, the flexibility of the CyberKnife VSI system determines the optimal course of treatment for each patient.

Intracranial and spine solutions.
Frameless radiosurgery accuracy with the CyberKnife VSI System is ensured throughout treatment by combining continual image guidance with automatic, real-time corrections for target motion. There is no increased risk of missing the target, leading to an increased risk of toxicity to surrounding healthy tissue and sensitive structures. Patient comfort is ensured with a system that doesn't rely on a frame to maintain position.

Focusing on patient comfort.
Treatment is noninvasive. No anesthesia is used, and there is little to no recovery time. As an established safe and effective technique, frameless Robotic radiosurgery means treatment is painless, more accurate and more convenient.

Novalis Trubeam STx with ExacTrac
treats tumors throughout the body
through pinpoint precision.
Non-invasive and painfree.
Sub-millimeter accuracy enables higher dose to tumors.

INTRODUCING Novalis Trubeam STx with Exactrac

Optimization of clinically proven therapies in a single system to destroy cancer.
We offer the first Novalis Trubeam STx with ExacTrac in the U.S. Developed from the ground up it optimizes both radiotherapy and radiosurgery. This innovative and powerful cancer treatment integrates imaging, beam delivery and motion management to produce a system that delivers unmatched synchronization. The result is unparalleled operation, precision and speed.

The accuracy of the Novalis Trubeam STx with ExacTrac allows for the delivery of
higher doses to smaller areas.
This means it can be used to treat the most challenging cases all over the body, including the:

•   Head & Neck
•   Brain
•   Spine
•   Lung
•   Pancreas
•   Kidney
•   Liver
•   Prostate

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The Novalis Trubeam STx with ExacTrac system can be used to apply many forms of advanced radiation treatment techniques including:

•   RapidArc® radiotherapy, SRS and SBRT are new and sophisticated approach's
    to IGRT/IMRT treatment. The power of RapidArc technology, which has been harnessed within
    the Novalis Trubeam STx with ExacTrac, represents a major advancement in cancer treatment. The significant
    improvement in dose delivery and beam precision, along with shorter treatment times provides
    an unprecedented benefit to patients and their families.

•   Intensity-modulated radiotherapy (IMRT) ensures accuracy for the treatment of tumors that
    are very close to radiosensitive normal tissues as it is able to minimize unwanted radiation exposure.

•   Image-guided radiotherapy (IGRT) allows radiation to be delivered to tumors with more precision than was traditionally possible. This conformal radiation treatment is guided by images taken from pre-treatment CT, ultrasounds or stereoscopic X-rays. The benefit is IGRT compensates for movement of the tumor due to patient positioning (as well as breathing) through automated tracking systems.

Treating the tumor in real-time.
Novalis Trubeam STx's enhanced real-time imaging tools allow our radiation oncology team to see the tumor and then visualize it throughout the course of treatment. Since the beam delivery is synchronized with the tumor motion and respiration, complex cases such as those in the lung, upper abdomen and the breast can be treated with less exposure to healthy tissue and radiation is targeted with sub-millimeter accuracy that only Novalis Trubeam STx with ExacTrac and Cyberknife VSI can deliver.

Accurate and fast tumor treatment.
With RapidArc® radiotherapy technology, the revolutionary High-Intensity Mode (which delivers higher doses of radiation) and a high-definition MLC (for greater accuracy and beam-shaping), treatments are performed with accuracy and speed by a precise surgical X-ray beam. A typical 30 to 60 minute treatment can be completed in just 5 to 15 minutes, leaving less time for tumor and patient movement during dose delivery.

Patient comfort is enhanced.
With shorter treatment times, no need for head or body frames and quiet operation, Novalis Trubeam STx with ExacTrac provides a comfortable patient environment. The capacity for constant interaction between the patient and the radiation therapist, along with music during treatment, creates a soothing, patient-centric environment.

We are redefining how cancer is treated.

Introducing Multi-source HDR Brachytherapy

HDR Brachytherapy treats cancer by placing radioactive sources directly into or next to the area requiring treatment. This enables clinicians to deliver a high dose with minimal impact on surrounding healthy tissues.

HDR Brachytherapy has proven to be a highly successful treatment for cancers of the:

•   Head and Neck
•   Skin
•   Breast
•   Bronchus
•   Esophagus
•   Cervix
•   Endometrium
•   Prostate
•   Soft tissue Sarcomas
•   And several other types of cancer.

Multi-source HDR Brachytherapy uses a radioactive nucleotide source contained within an afterloader device. The after-loader delivers the radioactive source for a brief period of time through the interior channel of catheters, needles, or other appliances placed in or near the tumor site. Per treatment course, HDR is a much shorter procedure (days vs. weeks) and is delivered over multiple treatments sessions each lasting just a few minutes. Benefits of HDR Brachytherapy:

•   Highly targeted conformal treatment allowing:
•   Rapid dose fall-off away from the treatment area results in reduced dose to surrounding healthy tissue and can lead to less potential complications.
•   Higher dose delivery to the tumor can lead to potential increased efficacy.
•   For breast cancer, potential to reduce duration of radiation treatment, from 5+ weeks to 5 days.
•   For prostate cancer, potential to avoid prostatectomy & reduce duration of radioactive treatment from 8+ weeks to 1 day.
•   Offers a treatment option for otherwise challenging cases that might otherwise not be treatable in the lung and esophagus.
•   Patients are not radioactive following the procedure
•   Simplified palliative treatment option for certain cases
•   Offers a curative treatment option for skin cancers (particularly on the face) that avoids cosmetic and functional defects caused by surgical resection.

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Treats tumors throughout the body
Non-invasive and painfree.
Treatments are delivered in 1 - 5 patient visits.
Cyberknife and Truebeam treat intracranial cases
Sub-millimeter accuracy and eliminates head frames.

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